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CPLP™ Program

Registration deadline for the next CPLP Exam is April 7
Next Test Window: May 3-June 7
Registration Deadline: April 7 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is the CPLP™?

The Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP?) offered by the ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) offers workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals an opportunity to enhance credibility and prove value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The credential has two exams; the first is a knowledge-based exam and the second, is the submission of a work product reviewed by a panel of experts in the field. Individuals who pass both earn the right to use the CPLP? designation on their business cards and resumes. This signifies that these individuals have met rigorous requirements and are certified through ASTD CI, affiliated with ASTD, a leader in the learning and performance industry for over 60 years.


What can the CPLP™ do for me?

Becoming CPLP™ certified enhances your reputation by recognizing that you have met the knowledge and performance standards for the learning and performance profession. Credentials such as these can benefit individuals by providing a roadmap for professional development, enhancing earning potential and broadening career opportunities. Fortune 500 companies already prefer CPLP™ candidates when hiring.

Are there other resources available that would help me to decide if the CPLP™ is right for me? Yes, there are a number of resources. There is a Readiness Assessment on to help you decide if certification is right for you.

There is an online CPLP™ practice exam called the pCPLP. It contains 75 questions similar to the actual exam and provides high level diagnostic feedback. And, there is the CPLP™ Candidate Bulletin (also posted online) which outlines program policies and procedures and includes important details about the exam itself. Study materials are available through ASTD and other third party providers. Study material fees are in addition to the testing program fees.


What can I expect from the CPLP? examinations?

The knowledge-based exam is a 150 multiple choice question exam which covers nine areas of expertise. The work product submission asks you to submit a recent sample of your work, following explicit guidelines. The work you submit must relate to one of the AOE areas currently available for submission selection. Available AOE areas include: Designing Learning, Delivering Training and Measuring and Evaluating. Additional AOE areas available in fall 2007 include: Improving Human Performance and Managing the Learning Function.


Are there tools and/or resources available through ASTD to help prepare for the CPLP??

Yes, ASTD has a variety of tools and resources available for CPLP™ preparation. One of the most popular is the ASTD Learning System – a self-directed learning resource for individuals preparing for the knowledge-based exam. Each module in the Learning System covers a single area of expertise, allowing the learner to focus test preparation efforts.

Modules include comprehensive content aligned to the nine areas of expertise and key knowledge areas covered by the exam, plus study questions and knowledge checks. The second popular option for studying is the CPLP™ Prep Workshop – a high-level, two-day workshop designed to help individuals focus on what they need to know to pursue the CPLP™ credential. Through a review of the nine areas of expertise, successful work products, and 250 assessment questions, participants identify areas where further study is needed, enhance their test-taking skills, and gain an understanding of how to successfully prepare their required work product submission. An online version of the CPLP Prep Workshop is expected in 2009.


How is scoring reported?

Score reports are provided to the test candidates after each CPLP examination. The scores indicate whether or not the candidate passed or failed, along with limited diagnostic feedback. An individual must pass both exams in order to become CPLP™ certified.


Where do I go to learn more about the CPLP??

Visit to learn more about the CPLP™, including upcoming testing dates and fees. Contact with any questions.

You can also contact VP Professional Development ASTD Houston.

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